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1. "Speak the same thing." 2. "Be perfectly joined together in the same mind." 3. "Be perfectly joined together in the same purpose."

The Perfect Father

June 21, 2020
5 Father Wounds 1. The Superachiever Father, 2. The Time Bomb Father, 3. The Passive Father, 4. The Absent Father (whether physically or emotionally) 5. The Compassionate / Mentor Father.…
We must believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Make Jesus the Lord and Master of our life. Our very lives will be a testimony that Jesus Christ is our Lord…


June 7, 2020
We're seeing some of the most trying times right now in recent memory. As Christians, it can be difficult to worship in these times, but that is exactly what we're…
When the Holy Spirit fills us, there is conversion, power to teach and preach, purifying and refining, healing, and joy.
The Church is to be like a hospital. The Church is to be unified The Church is to be a place of restoration/reconciliation The Church is to should be a…

Rules For Godly Living

May 17, 2020

Sermon Notes: 1. She Crossed Great Barriers 2. She Persisted 3. She relied on the extra grace

The Lost Son

May 3, 2020
Discussion Questions: 1. If you were the younger son returning home how would you feel when you first saw your father again? 2. If you were the father what would…
Read Luke 15: Jesus Is really saying two things in this parable: (1) lost people matter to God so much that He’s on an all-out search to find them. And…
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