19522 130th Ave, Tustin, MI 49688 Discipleship Groups: 9:30AM, Worship Service: 10:30AM

Club House

club_house_kidsA mid-week Bible and activity program for kids Preschool – 6th grade
Wednesdays, 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.
October – April: Follows the school calendar.
We meet downstairs

Kids enjoy singing, Bible stories, scripture memorization, games, crafts, and projects, and various service projects!

Clubhouse is designed as “The Place to Be a Kid,” where your child(ren) will feel accepted, safe, and geared up about coming every week. We realize that one size doesn’t fit all. Today’s children come from different backgrounds, family styles, and cultures. At Clubhouse we provide variety in styles, programs, and sizes. Your children want to connect and find out what is relevant to them and their lives. At Clubhouse we demonstrate that the Bible is not only relevant to kids, but we encourage them to discover how God is active in their lives and to build their Value System and World View on God’s Word.

God has made and gifted every single child in a very special way. Each child has there own set of skills and needs. Clubhouse gives each child the opportunity to learn exactly what God has for them through a variety of stimulating activities.

You can always contact us for more information.