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To be intimate with God, we need to be reading our Bible and spending time in prayer. Training ourselves to be godly has value for all things.
We are called to be fishers of men, making disciples of all nations!
God calls us to go make disciples. Let's be obedient and say "Yes, Lord."
We all fall short of the glory of God, but Jesus liberates us by rescuing us, purchasing our freedom, and forgiving our sins.
Love God with everything you have, and He will shape your heart after His. Ask the Holy Spirit to change your attitude, and pray for your enemies.
1. "Speak the same thing." 2. "Be perfectly joined together in the same mind." 3. "Be perfectly joined together in the same purpose."

The Perfect Father

June 21, 2020
5 Father Wounds 1. The Superachiever Father, 2. The Time Bomb Father, 3. The Passive Father, 4. The Absent Father (whether physically or emotionally) 5. The Compassionate / Mentor Father.…
We must believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Make Jesus the Lord and Master of our life. Our very lives will be a testimony that Jesus Christ is our Lord…


June 7, 2020
We're seeing some of the most trying times right now in recent memory. As Christians, it can be difficult to worship in these times, but that is exactly what we're…
When the Holy Spirit fills us, there is conversion, power to teach and preach, purifying and refining, healing, and joy.