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Who I Want To Be

May 1, 2022
Becoming the holy people of God
Atonement through the Cross, for us to be “at one” with God.
Although many of us have heard of the Kingdom of God, we often don't completely grasp what the Kingdom is. In week four of The Story of Scripture, we dive…
In the third week of our series, The Story of Scripture, we take a look at the Exodus from Egypt, Passover, and the giving of the Law -- and the…
Gods plan to redeem humanity unfolds in the covenant with Abraham
The Bible is the most cohesive piece of literature every constructed. It depicts the epic story of God acting to defeat the power of sin and death, while transforming the…
A brief overview of the Book and Jonah
Looking into the vision of DWC with discipleship

The Greatest of These

February 13, 2022
Making Love your aim in all things.
A look a Lordship living through integrity.