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Total reliance on God

30 Days to Live

September 12, 2021
We are going to examine how our lives would be different if we recognized the truth and that is that our time is very very limited.
Sanctification through the power of the Holy Spirit
Power over sin, Power for service
Identifying the sidetracks of Sanctification
Understanding the process of Sanctification in ones life.
Introduction to Holiness

Finding it Hard To Pray

July 25, 2021
Prayer is not a mood. It is our lifeline to all that is good and must be chosen above our feelings.
In the last week of this series, we look at Jesus' conversation with the Rich Young Ruler. One of the biggest obstacles to following Jesus is money and materialism. In…
In week two of Losing Your Life, we dive into the story of Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac. Just as Christ called his followers, God called Abraham to lay down what…
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