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The second of the Ten Commandments is that we must not have any idols.
The first of the Ten Commandments is that we must not have any other Gods.

Communion Celebrated

January 3, 2021
God showed his love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners. In taking communion, we need to honor the body of Christ, by…

Lost and Found Jesus

December 27, 2020
Have you forgotten Jesus? Are you seeking after Him with fervor? Are you accepting Him for who He truly is and what He can do for you?

Answering The Call of Christ

December 20, 2020
The Virgin Mary shows us the importance of answering the call of Christ in our lives!
Have you ever wondered why God needed to become human? Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John tell us why from their own perspectives and each of their takes on the Incarnation…
The coming of Christ put a face on God, and whoever has the Son has life!

A Cheerful Giver

November 29, 2020
God loves a person who gives cheerfully, and He will provide all you need. When we give, people are helped, and God is praised!

Sighting in Your Scope

November 15, 2020
“Sighting in our scopes” will help us accomplish the call to remain faithful followers of Jesus.
A revival includes consecrating the temple, rededicating to God, celebrating and worshiping, and joyous and generous giving.
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